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Budget and planning

We at George Kitchen & Bath believe that from all the house, the bathroom remodel is no place for improvisation. Before you start breaking walls and set the hummer free, think hard about how you will use the space, what materials and fixtures you want, and how much you’re willing to spend on the project. Good planning usually lead to the best results.
If planning isn’t your strong side, hire a designer or someone who has experience in these type of projects. In addition to adding style and efficiency, a professional designer makes sure contractors and installers are scheduled in an orderly fashion. If you are not sure, and you would like to get some help, we can send you one of the experts from George Kitchen & Bath who can meet with you and give you the best advice regarding your bath renovation.

Bathroom Air freshness

Plan a good ventilation option. This is the key to a fresh bathroom and maintain it in good condition. Lack of good ventilation can result with excess humidity, slippery floors, and contributes to the growth of mildew and mold. Controlling mold and humidity is especially important for maintaining healthy indoor air quality in the bathroom and will maintain the bathroom (As well as other parts of the house that will be affected by the lack of ventilation) in good condition.
The experts of George Kitchen & Bath have recommended to many home owners in Pasadena to install a vent in the bathrooms, and each one of them was thankful for the tip, and they said they felt the difference from day one. What they did not see, and many other home owners in Pasadena with poor ventilation did see is how bad the condition of a house can get when the ventilation is bad.

What to do exactly?

Well, there is conflict which appear on almost every construction job: To do a small/pointed project, or to go big and take care of all things atr once. We get the conflict. On one hand the contractor is there, and the process has begun. So if you are already going to a specific level of inconvenience, why not making it a bigger project. On the other hand, there is the budget, and as we wrote earlier, planning is a very important part of construction process. We saw some home owners in Pasadena who started and found out that the project the way they want it to be is much more than the budget they planned.
So we will say it again: Plan ahead, and you will get the desired results. Just to jump onto something, without planning can end with something worse than the way things were before you started.

Think about the “Little” things

There are things people tend to ignore, and they only notice it when it is too late. Take a photo of your current bathroom, and write all things you have there and you will need in the renovated bathroom (Or do not need). For example, a power outlet. If you always thought that you wish you had a power outlet just next to the vanity, or just inside the bathroom’s cabinet, this is the time to make it a reality.

Bathroom renovations Pasadena

As we said, when it comes to construction, the options are endless. It can be kitchen cabinets in 999, or bathroom remodeling in 999. There is no reason you will not get what you always wanted, and this is what we are here for. But again, all within the budget frame, and planned to the smallest detail. Look online for bathrooms designs and for options. You will probably find ideas that you did not even consider. At the same time, you can always get in touch with one of the experts form George Kitchen & Bath, who know everything there is to know about construction projects in Pasadena, and can help you get the bathroom you always wanted. For free consultation, call 123456, and one of the experts from George Kitchen & Bath will meet you and assist you make the right choice.

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